Our corporate societal commitment

Up Group sees its role in the social and solidarity economy as being accompanied by a dual responsibility to demonstrate solidarity and societal responsibility.

Our corporate purpose is reflected in our sponsorship policy. This policy translates into social commitment by supporting projects in the public interest, not only in France, but also in other Up Group operating countries.

A sponsorship policy that creates social links

The Up Group sponsorship policy embodies and puts into practice the power of taking action together; action that asserts our commitment and desire to improve daily life for as many people as possible. It targets vulnerable and socially excluded groups.

It is designed to give them back access to the essentials they need to develop personally and freely as full members of society by supporting long-term projects in four main action areas: education and culture, food, housing and health.

Our employees are fully integrated into our sponsorship policy, as well as being involved personally in public interest issues (salary adjustments, skills sponsorship, donating their own time, providing financial support for identified non-profit organisations, etc.).

The power to take action together... thanks to the Up Foundation

Déléguée générale de la Fondation Up

The Up Foundation is rooted in the Up Group cooperative culture and values, and was established to encourage the power to take action and strengthen social bonds.

Estelle Verdureau, General Delegate of the Foundation

50 projects

supported for at least 3 years since 2017



solidarity actions


A responsible purchasing policy

Asserting ourselves as a committed and new kind of contributor to the social and solidarity economy also means rethinking our approach to purchasing. So we take great care to build sustainable long-term relationships with our suppliers under the umbrella of our responsible purchasing policy. We are therefore able to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility criteria into all our purchasing processes.

UpCoop signatory of the RFAR Charter in France

Making the conscious choice of delivering performance responsibly

In making our contribution to overall Up Group performance, we place as much importance on commitment to corporate social responsibility as we do on shared value creation and overall cost in our responsible purchasing policy.

Nathalie Kaupp, Purchasing Director

Up Group – CSR news

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