A leading contributor to the Social & Solidarity Economy

Ours is a simultaneously social and supportive business model that offers an original and alternative way forward, and which we have been implementing for nearly 60 years at Up Group. It is designed as a virtuous system that puts people front and centre of our operations, at the same time as enabling us to succeed collectively in accordance with the democratic principles that underpin our values.


Our social and solidarity commitment

Throughout our history, the Group has proudly demonstrated the commitment to cooperative values that inform our identity. The resulting stability remains the basis for our financial success and growth. Our history is living proof that it is possible to reconcile commercial success with a new and vibrant vision of entrepreneurship.

At the same time as ensuring that this distinctive and differentiating culture continues to flow through all our teams and subsidiaries, our social commitment also includes making our voice heard by public authorities and society as a whole. We promote a fairer and more sustainable growth model with its roots in inherently democratic governance.

Corporate democracy is embedded in our organisational structure

Youssef Achour, invité permanent au titre de Président

At Up, corporate democracy is embedded in our organisational, operational and governance structures. It gives us the legitimacy to put forward meaningful projects and plans that are fully consistent with our social and solidarity commitment, and are shared by our people.

Youssef Achour - President of Up Group

Now involved at every level of cooperative decision-making, our people have the resources they need to fully express their opinions regarding our internal operational procedures and the major strategic decisions that guide our business. This level of involvement guarantees that everyone can see that their engagement with their working environment has real meaning and effect.

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