A Sustainable Diet for All.

The Up Group is committed to a sustainable diet. We are committed to implementing responsible dietary patterns with a strong ambition: enabling as many people as possible to have a healthy, high-quality, eco-friendly diet.

Thanks to our solutions, we encourage many people to take advantage of all the benefits a lunch break can offer: a better-balanced diet, time to relax and social bonding.

We are also committed to providing everyone with the tools to take action and implement more responsible consumption behavior: 

  • Helping our beneficiaries behave better when it comes to consumption 
  • Helping merchants have more impact on people 
  • Helping local authorities allocate public aid to local and committed actors 
  • Helping companies make their activities and practices more sustainable 

To achieve these goals, we help any kind of organization implement solutions for more balanced lunch breaks. 

Because we are aware of consumption-related challenges, we have designed products to promote every actor that fights for more sustainable consumption habits (producers, distributors, and retailers, all committed for quality). Our products contribute to the local economy health.


Our Ethical, Cost-effective Solutions 

With our various solutions, we contribute to increasing purchasing power, we create and strengthen social bonding, and we encourage local development. 

More diversity and conviviality in our daily life

Our solutions give everyone access to a large network of restaurant and merchant partners working in our territory.

It is an ever-growing national network, which operates in the 23 countries where Up Group is established. It guarantees daily access to a healthy, sustainable, varied, local, quality diet for all, regardless of your place of residence or your workplace.

Promote more responsible consumption habits 

Our solutions give everyone the power to take action for a more responsible consumption: the possibility to eat nearby, at a lower cost, and without sacrificing quality. 

The variety of our network makes sure that everyone can choose consumption patterns that are in line with their principles: major restaurant chains or convenience stores, access to organic, local, or bulk products.


Daily financial aid for those who need it the most  

Our solutions enable underprivileged people to access a quality, varied diet. This is why we support local authorities in their public policies targeting more people who feel financially insecure.


Promoting a sustainable diet

and giving everyone the power to take action for more responsible consumption habits.

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