Making every day better

Our management, communication, and exchange solutions (payments, applications and digital platforms) improve purchasing power and better living for many, while offering freedom of choice and usage.

Solutions for the daily lives of 26 million people in the world, that promote more balanced nutrition, more responsible consumption, the democratization of culture, better work life balance and inclusion of all, for a more balanced society.

The digital revolution as a factor of inclusion

No individual, profession or organization can escape this wave of digital technology, which above all intends to improve our lives and make them easier. These upheavals can be incredibly promising and create value, but they can also weaken those who are less equipped. That is why we do everything we can to use technology to serve people, by enabling and stimulating the ability to contribute together to a better daily life.

We offer experiences that generate engagement
motivation and loyalty
in the heart of businesses and regions

Providing everyone with
access to balanced nutrition every day

Take back power
over what we use, eat and buy
through responsible consumption

Promoting access
to culture for
the many and not just the few

Strengthening a balanced life
and more harmony
between personal and professional life

Shaping an inclusive
society where everyone
can find their place

Alongside companies, merchants and regions,

Up creates the conditions for individual engagement
to simplify usages, keep in touch and strengthen bonds.