Supporting companies and local authorities

At Up, socially beneficial and local purchasing is central to everything we do:

  • By providing companies with the resources they need to take action within their businesses, not only in terms of their management, but also workplace quality of life for their employees, by making their lives easier by boosting their purchasing power
  • By offering local authorities real-life solutions that benefit the people they represent and local economies

Our payment solutions are intuitive, simple to use, cover the essentials of life, and contribute to building a fairer society.

So what are exactly our payment solutions ?

Up vouchers, cards and mobile apps make it easier for people to:

  • eat a better-balanced diet, disconnect from the online world and build more social relationships
  • access culture in all its forms, from museums and theatres to bookshops, etc.
  • engage leisure activities by increasing their entertainment purchasing power
  • transition to a more responsible model of consumption by promoting local, ethical and organic products

By implementing our payment solutions for all these key consumer sectors, and ensuring that everyone is free to choose what is right for them, and do so in their own way.

We offer experiences that generate engagement
motivation and loyalty
in the heart of businesses and regions