Making every day better

We develop payment methods and management solutions that improve the vitality of companies and territories, as well as purchasing power and a better life for employees and citizens while offering freedom of choice and use.

Solutions for the daily lives of 29 million people in the world, that promote more balanced nutrition, more responsible consumption, the democratization of culture, better work life balance and inclusion of all, for a more balanced society.

The digital revolution as a factor of inclusion

Encouraging sustainable and responsible growth means putting people at the heart of the economy.
By allowing companies to reinforce their employees’ commitment, allowing local communities to improve the way in which their social policy is implemented, or allowing traders to gain their customers’ loyalty, we are managing a virtuous ecosystem, which enables everyone to come together to improve individuals’ living conditions.

Alongside companies, merchants and regions,

Up creates the conditions for individual engagement
to simplify usages, keep in touch and strengthen bonds.