An Emancipation and a Social Cohesion Challenge

Culture is what makes Society. It brings us together and fosters collaboration. It is a driver of open-mindedness and curiosity and allows for social bonding. To take action for equal access to culture means promoting a fairer, inclusive society model. 

On the budget side for households, culture and leisure activities are the first to be foregone when financial hardship hits. But beyond the economic aspect that limits access to culture, too many people refrain from entering museums, theatres, or bookstores because they do not feel “worthy” to these different places. To democratize culture, it is necessary to let go of these habits. 

With funders and actors of cultural mediation, the Up Group contributes to democratizing access to culture and leisure activities while defending the diversity of the cultural offer. 

Democratizing access to culture

means promoting social inclusivity, artistic diversity, and contributing to the financial balance of cultural events and venues. 

Our Solutions to Democratizing Culture

Our solutions take part in defending access to EVERY aspect of culture for ALL. 

By increasing cultural purchasing power, our solutions contribute to opening doors to culture in all forms: theatre, cinema, literature, museums, exhibitions, and also mangas, video games, and to supporting an economic sector weakened by inflation. 

Our solutions provide companies and local authorities with the tools to help employees and citizens on a daily basis, by giving them equal access to culture. 

Thanks to a rich, diverse network of local cultural actors, our solutions actively take part in developing the local economic structure and contribute to growing are territories.


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