Consume Better to Live Better

Economic, social, and environmental challenges make us reconsider our consumption behavior and encourage us to be more responsible. The world is becoming increasingly aware of the emergency to adopt new ways of consuming more responsibly. But we still need to make this change happen. 

At Up Group, we believe that responsible consumption habits must be beneficial for the environment (organic farming, eco-design, no-waste…), for society (decent working conditions, job creation, employability...), and for the social economy (short chains, circular economy, local jobs, fair compensation for all actors...). 

We are committed to helping everyone take action and choose to consume better.  


Achieving responsible consumption together

Encouraging responsible consumption starts with helping as many people as possible. We encourage them to be at the forefront of their own consumption. We have developed easy-to-implement solutions that sustainably and efficiently support the daily life of employees, agents, and populations. 

Our solutions increase their purchasing power in areas that are necessary to that a good quality of life: food, culture, leisure activities, mobility. They enable them to act for a more responsible consumption. 

To promote responsible consumption is to enable everyone to have access to a network of more responsible, committed merchants. Whether it be independent bookstores, grocery stores that sell bulk products, or local restaurants, we want people to have a choice. We promote a consumption pattern that is healthy and eco-friendly via our networks of committed merchants and producers. 

Committing to responsible consumption habits allows us to strengthen the local economy health. To this end, our solutions help local authorities guarantee that public aid will be used within a local network of independent merchants. 



we can give everyone the power to take action for a more responsible consumption. 

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