Parent-company is a cooperative
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On 27 May 1964 in France: Georges Rino establishes the “Chèque Coopératif pour la Restauration” (CCR or Cooperative Meal Voucher) consumer cooperative.

"Creating a cooperative was not a chance decision. I had no intention of participating in the foundation of a capitalist corporation... I mainly wanted to create a company where everyone would feel at home and would not be exploited just for my personal profit" - Georges Rino


Trade Union Support
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The “De Gaulle – Pompidou” Executive Order of 1967 resulted in the rapid development of the meal voucher concept in France, thanks to the guarantees offered to companies and to trade union support.

"And trade union support is what enabled us to debate and prepare future legislation on meal vouchers. We created the de facto situation before the de jure situation, which is also a trade union tradition" - Georges Rino


CRT clearing organization
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- The Consumer Cooperative becomes a Production Cooperative (SCOP), with 24 employees. This change of status coincides with a name change for the “Chèque Postal Restaurant” (Postal Meal Voucher), which becomes the “Chèque Déjeuner” (Luncheon Voucher).

- At the initiative of the Chèque Déjeuner CCR, the various organizations that issue meal vouchers join forces to create, in France, the Centrale de Remboursement des Titres (CRT or Voucher Refund Group). This system considerably simplifies voucher management for restaurant owners, who now send them all to a single address. For the first time, the finance law modifies the level of exoneration, from 2.50 to 3.50 Francs per voucher.


Works Council
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- Despite having a workforce below the legal threshold of obligation, Chèque Déjeuner creates its own Works Council and establishes itself as a precursor in social action.

- Chèque Déjeuner grows and opens its first regional delegation in Lyon.


New delegations open in Nantes and Marseille
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- Workforce doubles in one year, growing from 37 to 74 employees.

- Sales of meal vouchers continue to grow, delegations are set up in the cities of Nantes and Marseille.


A la carte vouchers
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Chèque Déjeuner launches a new innovation by becoming the first issuer of personalised voucher booklets providing a tailored service offer.


New openings in the provinces
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- The CCR cooperating takes the name of its product, Le Chèque Déjeuner. 

- Delegations established in Lille, Metz and Toulouse. Chèque Déjeuner now has one delegation in the Paris area and six in the regions.


Social innovation at the heart of the company
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- Chèque Déjeuner establishes a Solidarity Fund (non-profit association) for social welfare, solidarity and assistance to group employees and pensioners.

- Chèque Déjeuner breaks new ground in social progress, by implementing reduced working time from 40 hours to 37 hours, without salary cuts.


20 years and 130 employees
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Meal voucher exoneration: in France, set at 12 Francs. 

The company Chèque Déjeuner celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company has a workforce of 130 employees.


Co-leader in France
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Chèque Déjeuner becomes co-leader in the meal voucher market in France, and sets up the 35 hour work-week with no salary cuts 14 years before the relevant Aubry law is implemented.


1 billion
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Chèque Déjeuner reaches the first billion vouchers issued.


The Acacias group
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- Establishment of the group Acacias. 

- Jacques Landriot is appointed Managing Director, on a proposal from the CEO, Georges Rino.


Chèque Lire, a new voucher. First steps in Italy
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- Chèque Lire becomes a subsidiary of the group. This is the beginning of diversification in the voucher business in France.

- Chèque Déjeuner becomes a partner in the Ristoservice (DAY) meal voucher company alongside Italian cooperative Camst.


Jacques Landriot appointed CEO of the group
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Jacques Landriot is elected CEO by all the cooperators of Chèque Déjeuner CCR.


Operations begin in Spain
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- The group sets up operations in Spain. Chèque Déjeuner acquires Chèque Gourmet.

- This is the beginning of the group's international operations.


Déménagement du siège social
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Chèque Déjeuner CCR Main Office moves to Gennevilliers in the Hauts-de-Seine.


Service Vouchers
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Working consistently to find new social solutions, Chèque Déjeuner creates the Service Voucher, a customized support voucher that assists vulnerable populations in their everyday lives.


The company becomes Group Chèque Déjeuner
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- Group Acacias changes its name and becomes "Groupe Chèque Déjeuner".

- 2 new subsidiaries are created, in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.


Group offer expands with new vouchers
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- Chèque Cadhoc becomes a subsidiary of the group Chèque Déjeuner.

- Two new products: Chèque Domicile and Chèque Disque (home services and music).

- Operations begin in Hungary.    

- Chèque Déjeuner begins a quality assurance process and obtains its first ISO 9001 certification in France.


Operations begin in Poland
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A subsidiary is created in Poland.


New certification
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First ISO 9002 certification for Chèque Déjeuner, in France.


The group creates its own Foundation
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- The Foundation of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner is established under the aegis of the Fondation de France. Its mission is to support project leaders who are fighting against all forms of exclusion and discrimination, and who are creating jobs through social innovation, local and sustainable development of areas, by promoting the Social and Solidarity Economiy and democratic governance.

- On the cusp of the millenium, Chèque Déjeuner and the Restaurants du Cœur create the first donations collection in a corporate setting, with the operation "New Year's Eve Voucher". This unique operation enables employees to reach out to the poorest among us.

- This is the beginning of a new form of solidarity.

- ISO 9001 certification in Italy.


First step in personal services
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- Chèque Gourmet, in Spain, is certified ISO 9002 version 1994 and Chèque Cadhoc is certified ISO 9001 version 2000.

- Creation of the remote management software Domatel. This is a first step in the diversification of personal services in France.


IT technology and consulting
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The companies les Goélands (secure transportation) and DSI Experts (IT consulting and auditing) become subsidiaries of the Groupe Chèque Déjeuner.


New operation in Romania
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- Chèque Lire and Chèque Domicile begin their own quality assurance process.

- A subsidiary is established in Romania.


New acquisition in France: the leader Apologic
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- For the first time a company is set up with 3 other players from the Social and Solidarity Economy - Macif, Matmut and Mutualité Française: Domicours, the specialist in tutoring.

- Acquisition of the group Apologic, leader in the market for computerizing personal services.

- A subsidiary is created in Bulgaria.


Ambassador of the Social Economy
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- For the first time the group participates in the Mont Blanc meetings (as founding member). The association "Les Rencontres du Mont-Blanc"(law of  1901) convenes the players of the social and solidarity economy with the aim of building projects together that reconcile social, civil, environmental, and economic effectiveness. Its mission: demonstrate that the social and solidarity economy (SSE) makes it possible to do business differently, in a way that is consistent with a global objective of sustainable development.

- Creation of the solidarity operation "Donation Voucher", collecting the group's vouchers for the Fondation Abbé Pierre, the Restaurants du Cœur and UNICEF.


The group joins the UN Global Compact
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- The exoneration ceiling for meal vouchers, in France, is now pegged to the upper limit of the 1st tranche of the income tax scale. This means that it will be upgraded each year.

- The company Info.DB joins Groupe Chèque Déjeuner.

- In France, new vouchers: meal vouchers for volunteers and for voluntary workers.

- Membership in the Global Compact of the United Nations. Groupe Chèque Déjeuner defends the ten principles of the Compact regarding human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and fighting corruption.


New subsidiary in Morocco
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After Eastern Europe, Groupe Chèque Déjeuner continues its international development by opening a subsidiary in Morocco.


External growth intensifies
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- The company 2Amaths strengthens the know-how of Domicours.

- In order to supplement its gifts offer, the group acquires the companies Stimonline, an agency specializing in ddigital networks management; Terra Bien-Etre, specializing in wellness gift boxes; and Emova, specializing in gifts, leisure, high-end.

- Apologic acquires the "Social Action" branch of the Scop SIGEC.

- ISO 9001 certification in Bulgaria.

- The group's first card is launched: Scènes et Sorties (shows and outings).


New acquisitions strengthen group offer
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- Groupe Chèque Déjeuner acquires Softway group (CEV, Alios and the printer Imprimerie Arnaud Bellée), specializing in loyalty programs and network facilitation, paperless transactions and card production.

- Acquisition by Apologic of Adomsys (software publishing, solutions for the personal services industry).

- The group acquires Telfix, co-leader in France in the health card update market.

- Chèque Domicile launches the dematerialized cesu called e-cesu.

- New operation is launched: collecting meal vouchers in partnership with ACT International (Action against Hunger). The operation is called "Je déj, je donne" (Lunch n' give).

- New subsidiary created in Portugal.

- Groupe Chèque Déjeuner and Macif, recognizing their common values and their role in the social and solidarity economy, sign a partnership agreement to strengthen cooperation between the two organizations both in France and abroad.

- First stone is laid for the group's future main office, compliant with High Environmental Quality Standards, in Gennevilliers.

- 1st carbon footprint in France and 14001 certification for Chèque Déjeuner. 


New HQE main office
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- Move into the new HQE (High Environmental Quality) main office that was custom built, with a surface area of 30 000m² on 7 floors: the Atrium, located in Gennevilliers (92). "The Atrium, central piece in the new head office of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner, a place where ideas are born, where products and services are imagined by employees. This is a genuine living area that gives concrete form to the group's development and reflects its values in a daily context."

- Groupe Chèque Déjeuner sets up in Turkey, with the acquisition of the Turkish company Multinet that commercializes prepaid service vouchers that are deployed entirely, 100%, in the form of cards. This is the 13th country.

- Acquisition of the company JVS Implicit, software publisher for the Communal Social Action Centers (C.C.A.S.) in France, and a subsidiary of the group JVS. With this acquisition, the group becomes a key player in the personal services market and in social action.

- Chèque Déjeuner, in France, includes a new solution in its offer for companies with less than 50 employees: the ANCV holiday voucher.

- Launch of the Terra Bien-Etre (wellness) voucher, a new tool for managing the company's social performance by enhancing employees' quality of life.

- Acquisition of the company MaxiChèque, leader in the 100% internet-based gift voucher.

- The Romanian subsidiary achieves ISO 14001 certification.


Group anticipates change
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- Groupe Chèque Déjeuner prepares the future and implements its dematerialization platform "Move Up" for its service voucher solutions.

- The plan to set up a European Works Council is initiated

- Launch of the first mobile applications, in France, dedicated to cultural products and outings, for the brands Chèque Lire, Chèque Culture and Scènes et Sorties (shows and outings), as well as for the brand Cadhoc.

- The business starts up again in Poland after years in idle mode.

- Acquisition of the company Arcan, in France, specializing in IT management solutions for entities specializing in at-home hospitalization (H.AD).

- The group wins the MIPIM Awards 2011 - Business Center category - for the innovative design of its building.

- Groupe Chèque Déjeuner enters the world of social networks.

- ISO 27001 certification in Romania.


The solidarity operation "Lunch n' give" collected over one million euros
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- The operation "Lunch n' give" benefitting Action against Hunger, has collected over one million euros.

- The group owns 49% of the subsidiary Day, in Italy, together with CAMST.

- ISO 26 000 evaluation conducted by the group as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. It is the first in its market to be evaluated. This same year, the Spanish subsidiary also achieved the RS 10 CSR certification.

- The group officially sponsors Jean-Baptiste Alaize, handisports athlete.

- The French voucher subsidiaries obtain both PEFC and FSC labeling for their vouchers.

- New subsidiary opens in Germany.

- The group ceases issuing in Hungary, pursuant to a new law that structurally modifies the vouchers market, and de facto excludes French voucher issuers who were present in the country.

- Launch of the mobile Chèque Déjeuner application in France.

- The Italian subsidiary launches the 100% dematerialized Cadhoc gift voucher.

- The Romanian subsidiary acquires Romticket, a national competitor, thereby increasing its client portfolio.

- The groups installs 6 beehives on the roof of its main office, thereby strengthening its involvement in biodiversity and environmental protection.

- Death of Georges Rino, the founder of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner.


The group crosses the Atlantic
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- Groupe Chèque Déjeuner begins operations in Mexico, by acquiring Si Vale, the Mexican number one company in prepaid cards.

- The Chèque Déjeuner card is launched in Portugal.

- In France, the group receives the Origine France Garantie label (French origin guaranteed) which guarantees that the voucher products sold are manufactured in France.

- Acquisition in France of the company IGOF specializing in IT management solutions for CCAS, thereby supplementing the offer of Implicit.

- Acquisition of Pass Sodexo SR by the Slovakian subsidiary.

- The economic and legislative context worldwide is sometimes difficult. In Spain, a royal decree eliminates the royal exoneration for prepaid services vouchers.

- Birth of the Cheque Transporte card in Spain.

- Catherine Coupet is appointed Deputy Managing Director of the Group.


Catherine Coupet appointed CEO of the group
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- On 22 September 2014, Catherine Coupet is appointed CEO of Groupe Chèque Déjeuner thereby succeeding Jacques Landriot. She is now the leader of this collective project and intends to pursue the great history of the group while imagining the cooperative of the future. "I feel very strongly about our business model, which is both an asset and our strength".

- In 2014, the group celebrated its 50 years of existence and convened its 2000 employees for the occasion.

- Acquisition of a 65% stake in the company Tombou in Bulgaria.

- The group becomes the main shareholder in the Italian company Day Ristoservice, with 90% share ownership. This is one of the leaders in the Italian meal voucher market.

- Internationalization of the Groupe Chèque Déjeuner Foundaton with an initial experiment in Morocco, Romania and Turkey. The Foundation is also celebrating its 15th anniversary.

- Launch of the Chèque Déjeuner card in France.

- Acquisition of the company Bonus in Poland, which leads to a 12% market share.

- Acquisition of the company Tombou in Bulgaria.

- The group begins operations in New Caledonia with the establishment of a Caledonian GIE.

- First carbon footprint in Turkey.

- The Slovakian subsidiary launches its application Overkupon which improves the managmeent of meal vouchers for affiliates. The Turkish subsidiary also develops solutions for the affiliates and voucher beneficiaries.

- Jacques Landriot is appointed Director of Coopérative Europe, for the Confédération Générale des Scop.

- Signature of the agreement establishing a European Works Council.

- The 100% web based boutique and interactive platform StimRewards is created in France. Jechoisismoncadeau.com is also launched, its target audience is companies and works councils.

- The Czech Republic offers Gallery Beta, an on-line solution for managing employees company benefits.

- Alios becomes a key player in France by offering a multiapplication authentication badge for health establishments.

- The French subsidiary Arcan creates Arcan'Mobile, to make life easier for health professionals.

- Group Up joins the investment fund CoopEst. Dedicated to economic and social development, this fund operates in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

- The Up group Foundation expands its activities abroad: Morocco, Romania and Turkey are the three countries chosen for experimentation.


The group Chèque Déjeuner becomes the Up group
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- The group Chèque Déjeuner changes its name and logo to become the Up group. An international brand, expression of its frame of mind, ethics and freedom.

- CEV launches Fid Data, a platform for relationship marketing to set up and pilot autonomously a complete program for management of customer relationship and loyalty.

- At the General Meeting of June 12, 2015, 88% of the members of the cooperative Chèque Déjeuner vote for the merger of the companies: Chèque Cadhoc, Rev&Sens, Chèque Domicile on January 1, 2016.

- First acquisition in Brazil with the company Planvale, an emerging player on the prepaid securities market in the State of São Paulo.

- The UP group launches its innovative approach to better serve the purposes of today and tomorrow, get closer to its stakeholders and stimulate its dynamics of transformation.

- The group's headquarters are transformed to better accommodate employees and visitors around connected and collaborative solutions, and its first mobile application  "Up Atrium" is launched, which enables reception of all Up group news on one's mobile.

- Romania launches its first meal card.

- The subsidiaries Chèque Lire, Chèque Culture and Cadhoc launch their cards in France.

- The group acquires the company ABC Engineering, in France, leader in solutions for management of coaching and social inclusion.

- A new solution is created in France, Appli CE, which accompanies the Works Councils in piloting their social and cultural policy.

- The group strengthens its position in Europe by acquiring Belgian Monizze, third emitter of the country. It also creates a subsidiary in Greece. It is the 17th country!

- The Up group strengthens its societal policy by offering its employees in France an adjusted "rounded up" salary. After 2 months, more than 40% of French employees are committed.

- The group publishes its international Sustainable Purchasing Charter, which provides a philosophy and reference framework to all of the group's buyers to put into practice every day, around the world, its commitments and ethical principles. 

- The Up group launches a Hackathon against malnutrition on the Universal Exhibition in Milan.

- The operation "1 buono, 1dono", an offshoot of "Je déj', je donne" in France, is born in Italy.

- The Turkish subsidiary Multinet launches its community platform "Restonot", the first of its kind in Turkey, reserved to users of its Restonet prepaid card.

- The Italian subsidiary Day launches Day Market, an online platform allowing affiliates in the catering world to access tips and preferential prices on food and non food products.

- The Up group participates in the COP21 to bring its choice of an alternative model before global debate.

- The Foundation continues the expansion of its activities in the group's international subsidiaries in Italy, Mexico, Poland and the Czech Republic.


The Up group strengthens its cooperative
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- "Following a vote carried out on June 12, 2015 at the Combined General Meeting of Chèque Déjeuner, the cooperative is extended, on January 1, 2016, to employees of the companies Le Chèque Cadhoc, Chèque Domicile and Rev&Sens, and now includes 635 collaborators, thereby associating a larger number of employee shareholders in the share capital and in the company's strategic decisions.

- On March 17, the first Cooperative Knowledge Day (Journée des Savoirs Coopératifs) enabled new members to take part in different workshops: on the history of the group, or reading the company accounts for example; and round tables on the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) and unions open to all cooperators."

- In January, second acquisition in Brazil, with the acquisition of Vale Mais, leader in food card issuance, catering and gasoline in the State of Espirito Santo.

- The Up group proposed to the French Office for Immigration and Integration its Cohésia solution, to meet the wish of the institution to give asylum seekers a cash withdrawal card.

- Launch of Smartfood, innovation platform for new usages of production and consumption of food, which creates a link between the various players (large companies, start-ups, institutions), in an open dynamic to help transversal innovations emerge in the field of FoodTech.

- The Up group launches in France the application "Pay by Up", a payment solution to pay for purchases from a smartphone.

- Creation of CoopMed, whose mission is to develop the creation of jobs and economic activities based on local financial players around the Mediterranean, which finance the Social and Solidarity Economy. 

- Policard becomes the group's third Brazilian acquisition. The company is the leader in card issuance food, travel, culture, gift ...) in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná, Tocantins and Rio Grande do Norte.

- In March, launch in Italy of LastMinuteSottoCasa of which our subsidiary Day is a partner. This solution enables merchants to send, via a smartphone application, their last minute offers (unsold fresh products) to users of the area, who can order and obtain home delivery.

- In France, the Up group brings together the entire community of users of its products and services thanks to  its new benefits program "Bonne Journée by Up".

- The group confirms its commitment on the side of younger firms and innovation players by investing €10 million in RAISE investment funds. Our CEO, Catherine Coupet joins the Board of Directors.

- Monizze, the Belgian subsidiary of the Up group, now sells eco-vouchers and electronic restaurant vouchers on a single card. This is the Up Group's first multi-product card.

- Integration of the platform Ifeelgoods (first "self-service" platform for creation and management of incentive campaigns) into its offer of incentive, loyalty and rewards. 

- The Up group consolidates its innovation approach by launching its first internal challenge in France: the "Innovation Challenge" ("Défi Innovation"), and calls on its employees to invent the future of its products and services.

- Acquisitions of Réflexe CE and  Kalidea, which reinforce the group's solutions destined for Works Councils in France.

- In May, the group receives the Open Innovation Award at the 2016 ACSEL'R Awards, for its innovation initiative launched in April 2015.

- The group's Foundation continues its work abroad in Bulgaria, Spain and Slovakia. It is present from now on in 11 countries. Target: all of the Up group's countries of operation between now and 2018.


Up is present in 18 countries
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- Up adds an 18th country thanks to the acquisition of TOP checks in Tunisia


- Up partners with the innovation accelerator Lafayette Plug & Play, an international platform dedicated to trade.


- Launch of the New Up Corporate Foundation, endowed with 1,250,000 euros.


- Launch, in France, of the service portal dedicated to merchants, "Du Côté des Restos”


Up continues its expansion
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- Up continues its expansion in the area of employee engagement and incentive, through the acquisition of givve in Germany and Grassroots in Spain


- The Up cooperative strengthens its digital transformation strategy by obtaining the status of Electronic Money Establishment


- Up group sets up business in Moldova


Up strengthens its presence in Latin America
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- Up group announces the acquisition of a 60% stake in Glüky, a leading group for engagement through customer and employee loyalty in Colombia, present in 10 other Latin American countries.


- In France, Up acquires the start-up LesHabitués, which specialises in building customer loyalty in local shops.


-On June 22, 2019, the 685 employees-members elected a new Board of Directors composed of 8 women and 8 men. It is chaired by Youssef Achour.