Accessibility statement 

UP undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

To this end, it shall implement the strategy and actions detailed in its multi-year plan which is currently being drawn up.

This declaration of accessibility applies to group UP website.


The groupe UP website is not compliant  with RGAA 4.1 Double-A (AA) level due to the non-conformities and deviations listed below. 


The compliance audit carried out by Ipedis reveals that the average compliance rate is 47,46%:

  • 28 compliant criteria 
  • 31 non-compliant criteria 
  • 47 non-applicable criteria 



The contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons.


Several elements of non-compliance are described in this document, some of which are recurrent on several pages: 

  • Decorative images are not ignored by the screen reader.
  • The alternative for some images is not relevant.
  • The iframe containing the virtual tour of the headquarters does not have a title.
  • The contrast between the background colour and the texts or some interface components is not sufficient.
  • The information on the current page of the breadcrumb trail is given only by the colour.
  • Some button and link labels are not explicit.
  • Some links and buttons do not have labels.
  • Interactive components are not implemented in an accessible way (Accordion, List of choices, Modal window).
  • Sub-menus are not indicated to the screen reader
  • The opening and closing of accordions and lists of choices are not vocalized by the screen reader.
  • Context changes are not indicated by the screen reader.
  • Error messages are not spoken by the screen reader.
  • On the map on the Up in the World page:
    • The display of the list of countries after selecting a continent is not vocalised by the screen reader.
    • The information that a continent has been selected is given only by the colour.
  • The display of the search results is not vocalised by the screen reader.
  • The source code is not always valid.
  • The language code is not relevant.
  • The title of some pages is not relevant.
  • Some title tags are empty.
  • Some information is not structured by the proper use of title tags.
  • Page areas are not properly defined.
  • A list on the homepage is not correctly structured.
  • Elements visually represent a list but are not recognised as such by the screen reader.
  • Text becomes unreadable when text fonts are enlarged by 200%.
  • Focus is not visible on some elements.
  • Text is no longer readable when the text spacing properties are increased.
  • Some fields do not have a label.
  • Some fields have a visible label but are not associated with their respective field.
  • Fieldset tags do not have a legend.
  • Mandatory fields are not indicated to the screen reader.
  • Skip links are not present.
  • Hidden elements are not ignored by assistive technologies.
  • Tab order is not always consistent.
  • The focus moves to the background when some modal windows are open.
  • Some PDF documents are not accessible.
  • The home page carousel animation cannot be stopped or paused.

Derogations for disproportionate loading 

No derogation identified 

Content not subject to the obligation of accessibility

No content not subject to the accessibility obligation


This statement was made on 16/12/2021.

Technologies used for the website development:

  • HTML5 
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript 

The tests of the web pages were performed with the following combinations of user agents and screen readers:

  • NVDA with Chrome

The following tools were used in the evaluation:

  • Web Developer Toolbar 
  • Focus  
  • Contrast Color checker WCAG 
  • Accessibility insights for web 
    • Axe dev tool
    • PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) 2021


Pages of the site having been the subject of the verification of conformity:


If you are unable to access any content or service, you can contact the website manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in another form.

Contact us


This procedure is to be applied in the following case:

You have reported to the website manager a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing any of the content or services of the portal and you have not received a satisfactory response.

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