Social and Regional Cohesion

Shaping an inclusive
society where everyone
can find their place

An inclusive society is a society that is just and fair.

In such a society, everyone can have a decent life and is a fully engaged actor. Supported by the in-depth work done by not-for-profit organizations and social actors on the ground, governments and local authorities are striving to achieve this ideal in a constrained budgetary context. It is increasingly common to see people in vulnerable and precarious situations, while public spending is shrinking. It is therefore imperative to allocate aid to the best effect, while ensuring the quality of the relationship with users. This effectiveness is a guarantee for democracy, and of getting on board with the project of a society with greater solidarity.

Stimulating social and territorial cohesion, 
means to guarantee a place for everyone in society.

By dematerializing aid or subsidies, our solutions result in a more fluid relationship with users, guaranteeing that they are properly allocated and improving coordination between the different stakeholders.

Our payment solutions and information systems make it possible to work together to meet the major challenges of public and social action.