A Society that Is Rich in Diversity

Disabilities, equal opportunities, autonomy, ageing population, energy transitioning... the public and social policy challenges are numerous. But we must face them to build an inclusive society.

An inclusive society is a society in which everyone lives decently and is considered a fully committed actor.

However today, people facing social and financial hardships keep increasing while public spending is decreasing. To take part in strengthening social and regional cohesion in these conditions, it is necessary to better allocate financial aid and monitoring the relationship with users. This is how we want to use our innovations: by enabling local authorities to take full advantage of the digital transition and strengthen the impact of their aid plans.

Fostering social and regional cohesion

to make sure that everyone has a role to play in society. 

Aid and Regional Cohesion Digitization

Up Group is committed to making the digital transition an opportunity to face major public and social policy challenges and thus guaranteeing a place for everyone.

By digitizing financial aids or grants, our solutions are intended to optimize all aid grants implemented at the regional level by making sure they were distributed and used properly.

Our solutions take part in making the relationship between local authorities, public entities, and user easier. They help participants be better coordinated.

By enabling every public and private actor to guide their aid plans implemented in their organization towards a network of local actors, our solutions directly support an economy that is closer its people and which fosters social bonding.

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