CSR... Central to our business strategy

At Up Group, social responsibility is the central core of our cooperative vision and business model. To increase our impact even further, we have embarked on the digital transformation of our solutions. Our innovative new products and services are designed to meet the expectations of society and employees: to promote the power of socially beneficial and local purchasing for all.

About us and our commitments:

In taking action, we are guided on a daily basis by 5 core commitments:

  • GOVERNANCE implementing the democratic principles of the Social & Solidarity Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility in all its subsidiaries and externally
  • ECONOMIC by reconciling the products and services we offer to support people’s purchasing power with the goals of local and responsible consumption
  • SOCIAL by encouraging employee engagement through innovative social dialogue and attractive working conditions
  • SOCIETAL by working with our stakeholders to build our regional involvement around solidarity and local presence
  • ENVIRONMENT by protecting the environment and contributing actively to the ecological transition

A long-term business vision

Living by our commitments is our way of ensuring that everything we do targets a single goal: to generate positive social impact for all our stakeholders from employees and customers to business partners and beneficiaries. 

So our cooperative ambition encourages our daily commitment to promoting and encouraging participatory democracy, social justice, value sharing, regional solidarity, and responsible consumption.

A pioneer of the Social & Solidarity Economy...

Youssef Achour, invité permanent au titre de Président

Committing to CSR has always been an obvious choice for Up. Why? Because we have pioneered the Social & Solidarity Economy in France and the wider Europe ever since 1964.

Youssef Achour, President of Up Group