An ambitious environmental policy

As an environmentally friendly company, we make our own active contribution to building a better world for future generations.

A proactive environmental policy

At Up, we fully accept our responsibility for addressing the challenge of global warming. We have committed voluntarily to a proactive environmental policy that includes:

  • Joining the UN Global Compact
  • Making the need to combat global warming an integral part of our corporate strategy
  • Measuring and taking action to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Encouraging our subsidiaries to take substantive and virtuous action
  • Valuing employee initiative
  • Rolling out an employee awareness-raising policy using Climate Fresk workshops Climate Fresk

The two goals of our environmental policy

In preparing our environmental policy, we have set two ambitious goals, which are consistent with the principle of a sustainable economy, and make a daily contribution to protecting and conserving our planet for future generations, at the same time as delivering sustainable long-term growth:

  • pushing back against global warming: all Up Group companies conduct their own carbon footprint assessment as the basis for implementing practical environmental targets. The aim here is to minimise our sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the four priority areas of employee travel, energy consumption, purchases and fixed assets.
  • pushing back against the degradation of natural environments: as well as quantifying our own carbon footprint, we are committed to offering our customers eco-friendly products. We believe that this gives a helping hand to those who want to promote more eco-friendly practices and/or purchasing.

Encouraging more responsible purchasing by distributing Eco Vouchers

For the past ten years, Up Monizze customers in Belgium have used their Eco Vouchers to buy eco-friendly products, and the system has been very successful in encouraging more responsible purchasing.

Jean-Louis Van Houwe, CEO of Up Monizze, Belgium

Paper from sustainably managed forests: 

100% in France

83% Worldwide


Renewable energies on our sites:

100% in France

78% Worldwide

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