Reconciling purchasing power with responsible consumption

Our economic and social development is underpinned by four cornerstones. Our strategic plan is designed to refocus everyone in the business – from directors and executives to managers and employees – on the fundamental challenges of the Group, with the ultimate aim of benefiting our stakeholders, customers, partners, beneficiaries, merchants and suppliers.


Positive-impact innovations

As a trusted third party of corporate and local authority social policies, our business development is guided by the sustained desire to provide our beneficiaries with new solutions, introduce solutions that increase purchasing power, take customer service to a new level.

This recent years, digital technology has profoundly revolutionised the way we live and consume. Retailers, companies and local authorities are looking for new innovative, high-performance and secure solutions to meet these expectations. The Up group supports these transformations. Today, it is committed to developing its products and services to design an offer adapted to these new uses.

Solutions that facilitate implementation of all kinds of public policy

Julien Anglade, Directeur Général

Making money smart is something we do by directing support to the right place at the right time to create the greatest possible impact in terms of regional social policy. Doing so achieves our twin goals of introducing measures to increase purchasing power, at the same time as encouraging a more responsible model of consumption.

Julien Anglade - General Manager of Up Group

€ 640 Million



23 countries

in 4 continents

Using innovation to drive a more responsible and sustainable model of consumption

We provide as many people as possible with the resources they need to take control of their own consumption habits, while maintaining total freedom of choice. We facilitate access to a broad range of networks that enable and promote ethical and responsible consumption. Helping people consume better: local, ethical, organic, etc.

By offering solutions and services linked with new expectations and consumption habits, we aim to :  

  • directing consumption towards virtuous practices;
  • developing customer facilities to ensure that the subsidies and credits allocated are used correctly;  
  • highlighting our responsible networks or those close to our ecosystem;  
  • boosting a new dynamic for retailers.

22 million

Beneficiaries of our solutions

A Group that has made the conscious choice of committed partnerships

Marc Buisson, Secrétaire général, Directeur Communication & RSE, Directeur Zone Europe Méditerranée

Up Group builds partnerships to develop products and services that enable people to push back against social instability and food waste. Our commitment to sustainable food models is an extension of our core business; we see it as our corporate social responsibility to make high-quality food accessible to the maximum number of people

Marc Buisson - Secretary General of Up Group

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