Innovative social dialogue

Our entrepreneurial model has its roots in the desire for each employee to make an active contribution to our collective ambition by promoting innovative social dialogue. From training to promoting equality of opportunity, and from corporate social dialogue to workplace quality of life, everyone works actively to strengthen our shared identity through unity around a unifying commitment.

Engaged employees

Known as the ‘Up Makers’, our Up employee community of committed and highly entrepreneurial men and women encourages everyone to engage with social dialogue to help their fellow citizens lead better lives.

Virginie Linard, Group Human Resources Director

7.5 years

average seniority among the Group in 2022


39 years

average age in 2022


5 core values

Our human resources policy empowers and mobilises each employee within the framework of a corporate plan focused on social progress.

The social commitment of Up Group to its 3,122 employees is a key component of its corporate culture. Our 5 core values are the bedrock of Up culture, management style and vision of corporate social commitment:

  • ENGAGEMENT: “we are all active contributors to the success of the Group”
  • INNOVATION: “we promote openness, curiosity and creativity"
  • SOLIDARITY: "we focus our time and expertise on our collective mission and shared ambition"
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: “we encourage initiative and the acceptance of greater personal responsibility for the collective benefit”
  • FAIRNESS: “we pay close attention to ensuring a broad diversity of situations and people


55 % women

45 % men


3,122 employees


join us


of employees trained in the Group in 2022


Up Group – HR and CSR news

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