Making every employee an actor of a collective ambition

The Group's human resources policy combines business performance, value-sharing and personal development.

In support of its strategic ambitions, the Group is focused on guaranteeing every individual the same chances for personal and professional development.


52% women

48% men

3,541 employees


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73% Access to training rate

From training to defending equal opportunities, from social dialogue to quality of life at work, to strengthening our common identity, our approach is based on our resolve to make every employee an actor in our collective ambition.

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We want to ensure that each person is in the right position, and if a given skill is lacking, to make sure they can acquire it. Employees are truly involved in the skills management policy, and therefore their own career path.

Virginie Linard, in charge of managerial transformations & advising organizational development

7 years

average seniority among the Group