Exporting a single governance model

We are not an actor like any other

For over 50 years, Up has shown that an original and alternative model serving people and the environment can make it possible to succeed collectively.

It is possible to be successful
while embodying a different view of what a company is.

Up group’s business success and international development are linked to its historical attachment to the cooperative values that inform its identity.

While the Group is disseminating this distinctive culture within its teams and subsidiaries around the world, it is also striving to make its voice heard by public authorities and civil society, to promote a model of development that is fairer and more sustainable, and is based on democratic governance.

Photo Youssef Achour

The cooperative enterprise is a common good and a model for the future. Today it should be the spearhead of the "Social Tech" that puts technology at the service of the general interest.

Youssef Achour, President and CEO, Up group