The Up Group creates payment solutions and services of social and local utility, and enables companies and local authorities to act on a local level to improve purchasing power and to promote a better quality of life for employees and the people they represent.

Our news, development projects, and initiatives are all moving towards the same goals, which are consistent with the UpCoop cooperative’s (parent company) raison d’être: “Sustainably cooperating for social and local purchasing power”. In other words:

  • bringing real solutions to major societal challenges, 
  • innovating to promote more responsible and sustainable consumption behavior, 
  • proposing a way to play an active role in consumption behavior while retaining the freedom to choose. 

Beyond the expansion of our branches, in France as well as internationally, this means developing technologies, solutions, and services that improve people’s quality of life and purchasing power, while making sure responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices are being implemented, such as:

In this section, we share innovative success stories that tackle major societal challenges, and testimonials from those who work each day to enable our company to be a driving force for social and environmental progress.

 You can learn more about our Group, our values, our projects, and our sustainable development. We invite you to join us in our collective project for a fair and sustainable society where we play an active and responsible role in resolving societal challenges.

We are convinced that the future holds countless opportunities to make the world a more equitable, more environmentally-conscious, and more united place. Together, we can make innovation and commitment our spearhead for a more promising future.

28 articles to discover — articles from 1 to 28 on 28

28 articles to discover — articles from 1 to 28 on 28