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2015 - 2020Up era

Taking advantage of its international presence and its diversified offer in Merchant Services, Employee Benefits or Public and Social Programs, Groupe Chèque Déjeuner changes its name to become the “Up group” and adopts a new logo.


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Groupe Chèque Déjeuner becomes Up group

  • Groupe Chèque Déjeuner changes its name and logo to become “Up group”.
  • Up group participates in the COP21 to bring its choice of an alternative model before global debate.
  • The Foundation continues the expansion of its activities in Italy, Mexico, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • At the General Meeting of June 12, 2015, 88% of the members of the cooperative Chèque Déjeuner vote for the merger with the companies Chèque Cadhoc, Rev&Sens, Chèque Domicile with effect from January 1st, 2016.

Strengthening activities in France and worldwide

  • CEV in France launches Fid Data, a relational marketing platform allowing autonomous set up and management of a loyalty and customer relationship management program.
  • Romania launches its first meal card.
  • Chèque Lire, Chèque Culture and Cadhoc launch their cards in France.
  • Acquisition of ABC Engineering, in France, a leader in solutions for management of coaching and social inclusion.
  • A new solution is created in France, Appli CE, which accompanies the Works Councils in piloting their social and cultural policy.
  • The operation "1 buono, 1 dono" takes place in Italy, it is an adaptation of “Je Dej, Je Donne” in France.
  • Multinet launches its community platform "Restonot", the first of its kind in Turkey, dedicated to its Restonet prepaid card users.
  • Up group strengthens its societal policy by offering its employees in France an adjusted "rounded up" salary opportunity.
  • The Group publishes its international Sustainable Purchasing Charter, thus providing a reference framework for all of the Group's buyers enabling them to put its commitments and ethical principles into practice on a daily basis throughout the world.


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The group strengthens its activities worldwide

  • Acquisition in Brazil of Vale Mais, a leader in food card issuance, catering and gasoline in the State of Espirito Santo.
  • Creation of CoopMed, which aims at developing the creation of jobs and economic activities based on local financial players around the Mediterranean Sea which finance the Social and Solidarity Economy.
  • Acquisition of Policard in Brazil, the leader in card issuance (food, travel, culture, gift, etc.) in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná, Tocantins and Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Launch in Italy of LastMinuteSottoCasa that enables merchants to send, via a smartphone application, their last-minute offers (unsold fresh products) to users of the area, who can order and obtain home delivery.
  • In Belgium, Monizze now markets eco-vouchers and electronic restaurant vouchers on a single card. This is Up group's first multi-product card.
  • The Group's Foundation continues its work on an international scale, now with Bulgaria, Spain and Slovakia. It is present from now on in 11 countries.

Up group strengthens its cooperative and solutions in France

  • Up group proposed to the French Office for Immigration and Integration its Cohésia solution, to meet the wish of the institution to give asylum seekers a cash withdrawal card.
  • Launch in France of the application "Pay by Up", a payment solution from a smartphone.
  • The Group confirms its commitment on the side of younger firms and innovation players by investing €10 million in RAISE investment funds.
  • Launch of Smartfood, innovation platform for new usages of production and consumption of food, which creates a link between the various players (large companies, start-ups, institutions), in an open dynamic to help transversal innovations emerge in the field of FoodTech.
  • Up group consolidates its innovation approach by launching its first internal challenge in France: the “Défi Innovation”, and calls on its employees to invent the future of its products and services.
  • Acquisitions of Réflexe CE and  Kalidea, which reinforce the Group's solutions for Works Councils in France.
  • The Group receives the Open Innovation Award at the 2016 ACSEL'R Awards, for its innovation initiative launched in April 2015.


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Further expansion: Tunisia

Acquisition of Top Checks in Tunisia.

Up Foundation

  • Launch of the new corporate Up Foundation.
  • Launch, in France, of the service portal dedicated to merchants, “Du Côté des Restos”


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Up cooperative obtains the status of Electronic Money Establishment

  • The Up cooperative strengthens its digital transformation strategy by obtaining the status of Electronic Money Establishment.
  • Up continues its expansion in the area of employee engagement and incentive, through the acquisition of givve in Germany and Grassroots in Spain.


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Up strengthens its position in Latin America: Colombia

Up group announces the acquisition of a 60% stake in Glüky, a leading group for engagement through customer and employee loyalty in Colombia, present in 10 other Latin America countries.

A new Board of Directors elected by the employees-members, Youssef Achour becomes CEO.

  • On June 22, 2019, Youssef Achour becomes President & CEO of Up group.
  • The 685 cooperators (ie. employees-members of the cooperative) elected a new Board of Directors composed of 8 women and 8 men.

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New acquisitions

  • In France, Up acquires the start-up LesHabitués, a company specializing in building customer loyalty in local shops.
  • In Serbia, Up acquires Fitpass, a company specializing in sport and wellness membership programs.


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Let's #keepUp: a collective strength to address the unprecedented health crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus

  • Up mobilized its teams around the world: 
    • taking care of Group employees through appropriate protective measures and a an organization favoring remote working 
    • supporting restaurants and local businesses (discounts, cash advances, loyalty programs, administrative management, etc.) 
    • helping governments and local authorities in their emergency and recovery policies (special vouchers) as close as possible to the geographies/areas 
    • active solidarity with the most vulnerable populations (commitment to partnering organizations) 
  • The annual General Meeting of the parent company's employee-members was postponed from June to September and for the first time was held 100% digital.
  • Increasingly digital solutions in all countries where the Group operates were launched. 

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