The SDGs are celebrating their 4th anniversary!

On September 25, 2015, world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 17 goals to be achieved by 2030 and covering all development issues such as climate, biodiversity, energy, water, poverty, gender equality, economic prosperity, peace, agriculture, education, etc..

At 4,018 days of the deadline, the Heads of State currently meeting at the United Nations are evaluating the objectives’ achievement and the mobilization of States, citizens and businesses in this ambitious challenge.
And, at group Up, how are we acting as a member of Global Compact France? Our Strategic Project integrates many dimensions of the SDGs. For example:

  • Regular collect operation in favor of Action Against Hunger contributes to SDG #2;
  • Our philanthropy policy contributes to SDG #4 for education and access to culture, and to SDG #3 for access to health;
  • Our action plan for gender equality in gender equality contributes to SDG #5;
  • Using 100% green energy in our subsidiaries in France contributes to SDG #7 and offsetting all of our emissions in France to SDG #13;
  • Deploying our direct support solutions to employees and more specifically our vouchers (eg. Meal vouchers), to SDG #8 related to decent work;
  • Using certified paper from sustainably managed forests for our check funds contributed to SDG #12;
  • The participation of our employees in the World CleanUp Day contributed to  SDG #13;

And many other concrete actions...
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