Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption is an important topic for Up Group’s values. 

It sets the goals of a sustainable behavior regarding Up Group’s purchasing policies.

It aims to reshape consumption habits of individuals to protect and preserve natural and human resources.

Up Group believes that every choice made as a consumer has an impact on the society and the environment. To reduce its environmental footprint and move towards sustainability, Up Group has implemented a responsible consumption policy. It is committed on a daily basis to actively keep on reducing its negative impact on the environment.

Since 2010, all the French voucher sites benefit from the ISO 14001. Directly concerning the consumption, Up Group supports buyers in a responsible purchasing policy, highlighting and fostering good practices, controlling its paper consumption by developing dematerialized solutions.

Up Group has a strong policy concerning consumption. Up, a French subsidiary of the Group, has during decades closely managed his paper consumption. In fact, its main activity is to sell meal vouchers and provide services related to purchasing. This concern is now shared at a higher level. Up Group is a member of Obsar (Observatoire des Achats Responsables), an institution that aims to offer measurement indicators and best practices to its members. This institution welcomes more than 130 companies that have an exchange of good practices in terms of purchasing policies. Up Group contributes to a think tank on « responsible purchasing, a lever for social integration ». The goal is to foster and participate in professional and social integration of physically challenged people. 

Up Group fosters a policy of responsible consumption. Since 2013, in France, all vouchers from Up Group are certified « Made in France ». This label concerns fabrication of prepaid voucher booklets and also vouchers sold per unit. Moreover, Up Group acts daily to reduce its environmental footprint, helping and guiding its providers towards a process of Eco-certification of their production. The vouchers produced in France are certified with the norm 100% PEFC. This norm lies on two main principles. The first one takes into account good practices concerning sustainable management of forests. The second one implements a traceability system within the entire supply chain to be able to track where wood comes from and where and how it ends. Thus, the norm 100% PEFC means that all the paper used comes from sustainably managed forests. Up Group only works with certified ISO 14001 printers and providers.

Thus it appears clearly that Up Group really pays attention to its purchasing policy. Its willingness to develop a responsible consumption is intertwined with its core values. And maybe more important, Up Group wants to spread this policy, supporting its providers to follow its lead.