Employee commitment

Employee commitment is one of the most cherished goals for a management team. In fact, a « committed » employee is one who is enthusiastic about being part of an organization and wants to expand the organization’s successes and interests. It slightly differs from engagement. By contrast, engagement denotes an employee’s enthusiasm for his or her job. Commitment can occur in different contexts. An employee can feel connected to a goal or a mission, and want to achieve this goal or this mission. An employee can also feel connected to an organization, building loyalty towards his or her company. 

To be able to reach this aim, and create a bond with a particular attitude, cause or action, organizations put different strategies in place. One of them is to engage its employees in meaningful actions. 

This is what Up Group’s blog - weareup.com – tries to achieve. It proposes articles that try to catch attention and raise curiosity among its readers. It offers a platform to collect and share employees’ ideas, allowing them to react and interact with other Up Group employees. Weareup.com has been initially created for Up Group’s various ventures employees who may work for any of Cadhoc, Chèque Déjeuner or Apologic for example. It is divided into five different sections organized by topics. 

« Social Innovation » highlights facts, stories, and actions that answer a social need.

« Performance » focuses more on broadcasting financial and economic news related to Up Group. « Responsible Commitment » draws attention to social actions supported by Up Group. « Highlight » exposes all selected articles that are actually worth reading. And finally, « Act Otherwise » stresses the social engagement of Up Group through different articles.

All sections welcome articles written by employees. The blog is a source information that allows workers to learn more about what is happening with Up Group’s ventures, get access to relevant articles, and be informed about the social commitment of Up Group.

Indeed, Up Group acts to preserve the society and the environment.

For instance, the operation « Zero virgula » proposed to all employees in Day, Up Group subsidiary based in Bologna, Italia. This operation proposes to employees to round down their monthly salary by default to the euro. The amount of money raised can then be distributed to beneficiary associations, in this case Action Against Hunger and ANT Association, an Italian association that raises fund to provide free social-health assistance at home to cancer sufferers.

Employees are encouraged to post their articles and to express themselves about topics that they care about, to show how they are fully committed to the success of the organization and share Up Group’s values. This is one key element of employee commitment.