Launch of the new Up corporate Foundation « Stimulating the power to act together »

The Up Foundation becomes a corporate foundation, after having spent 18 years under the aegis of the Fondation de France.

With a minimum endowment of 1,250,000 euros over five years, the Foundation is now the main vehicle for Up Group’s new international philanthropy policy focusing on stimulating the power to act and strengthening social cohesion.

On September 21, 2017, the Up Foundation enters a new phase in its existence by becoming a corporate foundation. The Foundation will be the vehicle for the Group’s new international philanthropy policy focused on stimulating the power to act and strengthening social cohesion.

Since 1999, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Up Foundation has supported project leaders working to combat all forms of exclusion and discrimination by supporting more than 800 entities and projects.

The Up corporate Foundation is now independent, and will coordinate its activities in 4 areas in the 17 countries where Up Group is present:

  • Food: promoting production, sharing and acting together.
  • Housing: supporting accessibility, independence and living together;
  • Education and culture: promoting knowledge of the world, free access to culture and moving forward together
  • Health: allowing patients, their relatives and carers to thrive and face situation together.

Keys success factors for the Up Foundation

The Up Foundation seeks to rally around a collective ambition: stimulating the power to act together among people experiencing isolation or dependency, and provide these 'invisible' people of all ages with access to essentials in order to enable them to thrive more freely.

The Foundation’s commitment will be long-term, with a five-year action plan including budgets dedicated to the public interest. Projects will be supported for periods of three to five years in a co-construction approach and with regular exchanges.

A key element in the Foundation’s ambition is the dedication of the entire Group, women and men at every level and in all of Up Group’s countries of operation. A precise assessment of the social, local, societal and economic impact of the funded projects will be performed.

The Foundation will rely on the support of people and entities involved in general interest activities and the social and solidarity economy (associations, cooperatives, foundations) in order to achieve its ambition.


Up Group stands behind its Foundation

Up Group will provide the Up corporate Foundation with a minimum endowment of 1 250 000 euros over a period of 5 years, and will enable the Foundation to rely on sponsorship activities in different countries as well as on internal expertise (legal, finance, etc.).

The Up corporate Foundation is the Group’s vehicle for its new philanthropy policy, the aim of which is to ensure no-one is left on the margins of society. This brings to life the power to act together, through sharing and solidarity between individuals, through production, dialogue, support, entrepreneurship, autonomy of action, sharing of cultures, so that everyone is able to thrive freely in society.

Our philanthropy policy expresses Up Group’s determination to be a player of a different kind. We aim, while practicing our activities and wherever we operate, to promote a solidarity model of social and economic development.

« We welcome the transformation of the Foundation, as its ambition is deeply rooted in Up Group’s values: it is the result of a participatory and collaborative effort carried out both internally and with our partners to drive the power to act. » Thomas DELPECH, General Delegate, Up Foundation