Access to food, an ongoing battle for Up Group and Action Against Hunger

Committed alongside the NGO Action Against Hunger (Action contre la Faim), Up Group calls on businesses and their employees to mobilize by donating meal vouchers to support the NGO's activities, as part of the initiative “Je Dej, Je Donne” (ie. “I eat, I donate”)

Join the move!  

Today, every 10 seconds, 1 person dies from hunger and nearly 700 million people around the world suffer from malnutrition. The economic consequences added by the Covid-19 health crisis are also likely to worsen the situation.
Up Group and Action Against Hunger are mobilizing all year long to fight this situation as part of their common initiative “Je Dej, Je Donne” (ie. “I eat, I donate”, in French). In 11 years, “Je Dej, Je Donne” has collected 697,000 meal vouchers, mainly UpDéjeuner vouchers, representing more than 5.5 million euros. This corresponds to taking care of more than 87,000 undernourished children with an 8-week treatment.

You can donate meal vouchers as from now until November 30th.

All business that supply their employees in UpDéjeuner vouchers are invited by Up Group to mobilize their teams to support their solidarity action which has fully its place in a CSR program.

A “ready-to-implement kit”, already available on web, is sent by Up Group to its clients, large companies as well as SMEs. This way, they can easily inform their employees and organize a powerful solidarity campaign in their workplace.

Up Group is also adapting to new payment methods and user experience by offering the possibility of donating via an UpDéjeuner voucher card to. Therefore, whether they use paper or card vouchers, all beneficiaries can donate. Action Against Hunger

Up Group and Action Against Hunger, together with you

“At Up, thanks to the UpDéjeuner voucher, we enable employees to eat well and enjoy all the benefits of the lunch break. Raising awareness and involving workers and customers via this solidarity campaign is vital for our cooperative group which has strong human and social values. I know that our clients and all the beneficiaries of our UpDéjeuner paper or card vouchers share these values. Their commitment and generosity have always been strong over the 11 years existing “Je Dej, Je Donne” initiative we have with Action Against Hunger.” Youssef ACHOUR, President and CEO of Up Group.

“There are many reasons to hunger: the failing of food and health systems, the lack of access to water and sanitation infrastructure, conflicts, natural disasters, the climate change consequences, the women position in Society, education, poverty... Action Against Hunger has a global response to deal with hunger. The generosity of the beneficiaries of meal vouchers, in particular UpDéjeuner, represents a major support for our teams to help the most vulnerable populations in our 47 countries where we are present” Jean-François RIFFAUD, Managing Director of Action Against Hunger.