Engaging in an ambitious environmental approach

Up group is convinced of the importance of contributing to sustainable development objectives, particularly on environmental aspects. Up considers that its impact on the environment must be positive.

That is why the Group has engaged in concrete actions to reduce this impact and is aiming for full carbon footprint offset.

By raising awareness of the teams in all its subsidiaries in France and internationally, it is doing what is necessary to contribute more proactively and responsibly to the fight against global warming and for waste reduction.
Up has set ambitious objectives, consistent with the principle of a sustainable economy, to contribute each day to preserving the planet for future generations.

"Through communication and by building awareness among our employees, we want to enable them to understand the challenges of climate change, to appreciate their own capacity to take action, and to encourage them to make a hands on commitment. In Romania, Up received an award for its environmental initiative to plant 100,000 trees before 2021."

Elena Pap, CEO Up Romania

Paper from sustainably managed forests: 

100% in France

61,63% Worldwide