Building sustainable relationships with our ecosystem

For Up group, belonging to the social economy means a dual obligation of solidarity and responsibility.

Our philanthropy policy embodies UP group’s very purpose, in the shape of support for projects carried out by civil society, in France and in our countries of operation. It is aimed at vulnerable, socially excluded audiences, and revolves around the four basic families of needs, namely education and culture, food, housing and health.

Yassir Fichtali, General Delegate of the Foundation

"Philanthropy reflects Up group’s resolve to be a different actor in civil society."

Yassir Fichtali, General Delegate of the Foundation

31 projects supported in 12 countries

The Foundation

For Up, being a different and committed kind of economic player also requires buying and consuming differently. In order to build a purchasing approach that is consistent with its societal strategy, and build lasting relationships with its suppliers, Up developed a responsible purchasing charter in 2015, inspired by its values (commitment, solidarity, fairness, innovation, entrepreneurship).

ObsAR's member

(Observatoire des Achats Responsables - Responsible purshases observatory)

since 2011

"Our responsible purchasing policy is intended to engage the Group's subsidiaries in a sustainable approach in connection with all our stakeholders."

Cécile L'Hopital, In charge of Responsible Purchasing Commitments