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  • Societal responsibility at the core of our project

    Our digital and cultural transformation is a driver for the deployment of a company project with a societal vocation, based on 5 programs:

    COOPERATE, by exporting a unique governance model to all our countries

    PROGRESS, by innovating to generate sustained and sustainable growth

    ENCOURAGE, by making every employee an actor in a collective ambition

    INSPIRE, by creating a bond to give everyone the power to act

    PRESERVE, by engaging an ambitious environmental policy


  • Exporting a single governance model

    We are not an actor like any other

    For over 50 years, Up has shown that an original and alternative model serving people and the environment can make it possible to succeed collectively.

    It is possible to be successful
    while embodying a different view of what a company is.

    Up group’s business success and international development are linked to its historical attachment to the cooperative values that inform its identity.

    While the Group is disseminating this distinctive culture within its teams and subsidiaries around the world, it is also striving to make its voice heard by public authorities and civil society, to promote a model of development that is fairer and more sustainable, and is based on democratic governance.

    Strongly anchored in our cooperative values, we are determined to become one of the spearheads of Social Tech by using technology to serve the public interest.

    Catherine Coupet, President and CEO, Up group

    N°1 SCOP in France

    in revenue

  • Innovating for sustained and sustainable growth

    Up group draws its values from a model of societal responsibility, and is investing in a sustainable economy, whose dynamics of innovation and entrepreneurship aim to serve a more social and fairer society.

    One goal: Always improve the way we meet the needs of our clients and the expectations of our beneficiaries.

    "Our development dynamic aims to incorporate new customer, beneficiary and trader uses, with a more cross-functional approach to our offers for an enriched and fluid user experience."

    Mark Dillon, Director, Marketing and Offer



    494 M €

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    No matter what country the Group is present in, we develop our activities with a constant resolve to bring new solutions to our beneficiaries, to strengthen customer service, and to put technology in its rightful place: serving user practices. 

    In order to consistently expand our offer, we rely on collective intelligence and agility. 

    Cross-fertilization between subsidiaries across borders and activities, new working methods and ways of managing projects, participatory innovation, cooperation with start-ups, co-construction with our customers... are at the heart of Up group’s development.

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    on 4 continents

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    Up pools its expertise and shares its know-how by adapting it to the culture of each of its countries of operation. This grass-roots form of organization and the strong responsiveness of our teams contribute to the success of our business model and are enabling the success of our international development.

    Julien Anglade, Director General, Eurasia region

    At Up, doing business differently also means to innovate differently, in order to keep one step ahead.

    A co-development approach to our solutions to make everyday life easier for tomorrow

    The Group's innovation approach is enshrined in the very core of its transformation process, and involves all its stakeholders: customers, merchants, beneficiaries, partners and employees... 

    Its process for selecting and funding start-ups, as well as its program of experimentation, enables it to quickly test innovative models.

    Learning expeditions, for a closer understanding of what merchants need, co-developing with its ecosystem, deploying projects in "Lean Start-up" mode - in order to perform tests with users at every stage of the project... Up is implementing different ways of meeting the challenges of the digital economy. 

  • Making every employee an actor of a collective ambition

    The Group's human resources policy combines business performance, value-sharing and personal development.

    In support of its strategic ambitions, the Group is focused on guaranteeing every individual the same chances for personal and professional development.


    52.3% women

    47.7% men

    3,500 employees


    join us

    75% of employees trained in the Group

    From training to defending equal opportunities, from social dialogue to quality of life at work, to strengthening our common identity, our approach is based on our resolve to make every employee an actor in our collective ambition.

    Learn more about our social policy:  ANNUAL REPORTS

    We want to ensure that each person is in the right position, and if a given skill is lacking, to make sure they can acquire it. Employees are truly involved in the skills management policy, and therefore their own career path.

    Virginie Linard, in charge of managerial transformations & advising organizational development

    6.36 years

    average seniority among the Group

  • Building sustainable relationships with our ecosystem

    For Up group, belonging to the social economy means a dual obligation of solidarity and responsibility.

    Our philanthropy policy embodies UP group’s very purpose, in the shape of support for projects carried out by civil society, in France and in our countries of operation. It is aimed at vulnerable, socially excluded audiences, and revolves around the four basic families of needs, namely education and culture, food, housing and health.

    "Philanthropy reflects Up group’s resolve to be a different actor in civil society."

    Thomas Delpech, General Delegate of the Foundation

    The Foundation and the Subsidiaries have committed 675 K€ to restoring the power to act to 40 000 beneficiaries in 5 countries

    The Foundation

    For Up, being a different and committed kind of economic player also requires buying and consuming differently. In order to build a purchasing approach that is consistent with its societal strategy, and build lasting relationships with its suppliers, Up developed a responsible purchasing charter in 2015, inspired by its values (commitment, solidarity, fairness, innovation, entrepreneurship).

    ObsAR's member

    (Observatoire des Achats Responsables - Responsible purshases observatory)

    since 2011

    "Our responsible purchasing policy is intended to engage the Group's subsidiaries in a sustainable approach in connection with all our stakeholders."

    Cécile L'Hopital, In charge of Responsible Purchasing Commitments

  • Engaging in an ambitious environmental approach

    Up group is convinced of the importance of contributing to sustainable development objectives, particularly on environmental aspects. Up considers that its impact on the environment must be positive.

    That is why the Group has engaged in concrete actions to reduce this impact and is aiming for full carbon footprint offset.

    By raising awareness of the teams in all its subsidiaries in France and internationally, it is doing what is necessary to contribute more proactively and responsibly to the fight against global warming and for waste reduction.
    Up has set ambitious objectives, consistent with the principle of a sustainable economy, to contribute each day to preserving the planet for future generations.

    "Through communication and by building awareness among our employees, we want to enable them to understand the challenges of climate change, to appreciate their own capacity to take action, and to encourage them to make a hands on commitment. In Romania, Up received an award for its environmental initiative to plant 100,000 trees before 2021."

    Elena Pap, CEO Up Romania

    Paper from sustainably managed forests: 

    100% in France

    52.2% Worldwide